cellar roots (ft. sam billen)

new collaboration EP started with [sam billen] called [leftovers]. first song finished with sam (voice), nate claus (piano) and bryyn (instruments) called [cellar roots]!

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this song started on a trip to san diego in june 2010 to see my friends nate claus (on the right in the pictures) and dave kulacz (on the left).  these guys are both rad and getting real soCal.  nate plays piano and dave plays guitar to woo the ladies.  together we are called “bryyn and the san diegos”.

one morning nate brewed some super intelligentsia coffee and we started making a song.  he tinkered out some piano riffs and i wiggled out some guitar.  the next day nate drove me back to LAX for my flight back to switzerland.

it wasn’t until december 2010 that i got around to working with the song again.  it took some turns, and nate’s piano parts morphed considerably. after too much reworking, i decided that my voice sounded pretty lousy on it, but the music was still neat.

a few days later i received an email from a guy named [sam billen] who makes music in kansas.  he had come across my [invertible album] and liked it!  i sent sam the song without any vox tentatively titled “cellar roots”.  sam worked on it adding vox, some guitar, and bleeps and emailed back his results.  whao, it was great.

violà, cellar roots, an inter-planetary collaboration between san diego, switzerland, and kansas.

up for collaboration?  the song file sans vox is [here].

by bryyn