in shapes

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“in shapes” live recording and interview
special thanks to Gar Ragland and Newsong Recordings for putting this video together! also thanks to Grace Miner for your great piano playing and singing!
fight to the death featured on “sound on film”
thanks to the people at union university who made this short video! it was fun to get to know you all a tiny bit.
‘in shapes’ album liner notes finished!
i've just finished up the liner notes and am working on getting all the items ready to mail... here's a little sneak peek of the lyric pages for the record.
hand drawn artwork by Chris Hutson for ‘In Shapes’
For the 'In Shapes' album art, I worked with Peoria, IL based artist and longtime friend of mine, Chris Hutson...
support my ‘in shapes’ record release on newsong recordings!
Whhhaat? Actually, I’m releasing two records with NewSong Recordings of Brooklyn, NYC! The first record is called ‘In Shapes’ and will be available on iTunes etc. on July 17th.