tend my sheep

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it’s (still) snowing in wyoming
filmed around vulliens, switzerland on a really cold day. edited by lucille meyer and rachel martin.
it’s snowing in wyoming?
it's [snowing in wyoming? probably! this song is featured on the FREE a light goes on christmas compilation.
space and time
in the [space and time] continuum, time is limited?
you're an [urchin]. merry spring (autumn)!
sometimes you need [ashes] to start new.
[nieve] means snow in spanish.
you are alive (1095)
new song [you are alive] 1095 days old ago.
wig on his head
this type likes to wear a [wig on his head]. some people who like to stir things up.
lunar patterns
new song [lunar patterns] finished.  the lyric sheets for this song are below.  quite a struggle.
black wolves
new song finished [black wolves]
new mix of [harmony] finished for the flux sound! oldie, but goodie.
you and me and [solèfege]. first song done for [the flux sound] album.