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let it go
special thanks to lucille meyer for helping make the photos and film! we have a few more ideas coming…
galileo galilei video!
a video made by Konrad and features the bryyn song galileo. rad!
who’s got it figured out?
new [video] from tate modern museum featuring "the crack".
it's so [quiet] in here.
brand new face
just got a [brand new face] finished. yips.
year of the rooster
new song finished [year of the rooster]. working on some more tunes...
flash in a flash
flash in a flash] shining so bright, a silver side minnow in the moonlight.
last dance
new song finished [last dance] with some comic lyrical relief. 
galileo galilei
[galileo] galilei was a good man, and a new song.
new song finished called [suzanna].
things we understand
new instrumental posted of [things we understand]. wee!
step in step out
new song finished called step in step out].  nasty nasty electropop.