bryyn at newsong music contest and CMJ newyork

two weeks ago i played in the newsong music contest and a tiny CMJ showcase at nyc rockwood music hall with 11 other musicians. here is a picture of grace and i playing our first song, giraffe.

check out everyone’s music who played at the event! it is all worth a listen: deep river, arthur alligood, gregory douglass, sinem, ria mae, clarence bucaro, christopher williams, ellis, megan burtt, dudley saunders and sarah donner.

it was great to meet everyone and make some new music friends! arthur alligood won the contest, but everyone had something about their music that was really winning. really…

here are the awards in my book: ellis won for the most beautiful voice (just like a cello), dudley made the world a better place, sinem had the most interesting chord progressions, deep river could make the grammys, clarence played my favorite song after the whole thing was over (piano), christopher brought the most soul, gregory tickled the piano best, ria had the saddest breakup, megan womped on the folk guitar (and had the best drummer), sarah had the most catchy song…you can take my credit cards.

thanks to newsong music for having me and especially to gar ragland, sue devine, and larry groce for their musical encouragement. also, thanks to lauren for holding down the green room fort. and most of all, thanks to grace susanna miner lloyd for playing piano and singing with me on a whim’s notice. you were amazing!

playing our second song, so well.

me & luis…

probably playing our third song, what i hope.

the winner, mr. arthur alligood!

ellis, singing like a cello…

deep river

ria mae, up close

jamming out

arthur’s finale song. more photos are posted on the newsong music facebook page. sorry if i missed you…

by bryyn

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