galileo galilei video!

this video was made by Konrad and features the bryyn song galileo. rad! here is what he said about the making of the film:

“I am Konrad Sniady, 19 years old movie making geek from Lodz in Poland. I wanted to create a short for a small competition which is taking place here. The concept was to show an artist with typical creative block problem, who suddenly gets inspired by a beatifull Muse in his dream. But when he wakes up it turns out that his dreams came true and he did his job. Main actor Peter Romanowski who is actually a true artist did a great job, funny fact is that the painting at the end is his job but it’s… his t-shirt. He’s crazy he paints on everything he wears even socks! I knew i wanted to make it music video style but with a true story behind. I was looking for a good song for a whole day, searching through many netlabels (it’s very important to me not to broke someone’s rights). I was pretty disappointed because all songs were pretty electro/techno style but I was looking for some soft and happy songs. Then when I was totally exhausted by that internet travel I’ve found a review of your album Les Alpettes. I played Galileo as a first song and BANG! that was so cool. It had this soft start which I was looking for, really nice but still not common vocal, true guitar and whats the most important put on the internet with CC license. With that song story and montage got clear for me and next day we shot the video.”

by bryyn

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