[nieve] means snow in spanish.

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this song started out with some strumming guitar parts that were all eventually replaced by a lot of sounds from my champion farfisa fk 65 keyboard and aria archtop gtar i found at the market for something like 20 and 70 swiss francs, respectively. these instruments were both funded by pinkle paypal donations online. so special thanks to all of you who have donated (c. veckman et al., yes thanks so much). for some reason little noemi likes to stand on the aria guitar. it gives it a really neat vintage/beatup kindof sound.

we got taken over
like a supernova
we walked around on a marble sea
broke my spoke just looking for you

i want you to know
it’s only my intuition that
we are all mixed up
and you’re freezing
me up

we water plants in the pouring rain
hold our hands with blister pain
love it when you weep all over me
give me your sleep
we drag boots through the white beach sand
watch the sun go under land
wait a minute lean on me
give me your sleep

by bryyn

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