a few months ago videostarapp contacted me about promoting my collaboration song with rachelle, “what i do when you’re gone”, on their fan videomaking app. i said yes, and the song was released on feb 21. since last week the stats are shown below.


it’s amazing to see the videos and how these kids can make such great fun videos so quickly. i wonder if in the future most videos will be “crowd sourced” because there are a lot of really talented kids out there! thanks to everybody who checked the song out and made me laugh.



Popup shown: 782,016*
Full Screen shown: 1,071,748*
Unique Sessions: 776,973
Unique Users: 457,521*
Buy Song Tapped: 72,433
Make Video Tapped: 358,345
Video Sharing:
Camera Roll: 8,219
Email: 1,697
Facebook: 539
YouTube: 610


YouTube results (as of feb. 28):

Total Views: 20,251

Most Views: 1,843

Most Likes: 51

by bryyn

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