hand drawn artwork by Chris Hutson for ‘In Shapes’

For the ‘In Shapes’ album art, I worked with Peoria, IL based artist and longtime friend of mine, Chris Hutson. The concept was to have different shapes that showed different aspects of the album. Chris came up with five silhouette shapes and overlaid them to make a transparent collage. This collage is the artwork that will be used for the record front-cover on iTunes etc.

To bring a little more dimension, I asked Chris to make a detailed hand-drawn picture for each silhouette in the album art image (companion art). Chris made 5 hand drawn pictures (10? × 10?, the Giraffe, Boat, Leaf, Water, and Bird). A scanned version of each picture is shown below.

These are simply gorgeous one-of-a-kind drawings in the textured surreal style that I love in Chris’ artwork. Each piece is drawn on heavyweight archive quality paper. Each drawing is available on the pledgemusic page!

Click here to go see them on PledgeMusic!

I am pretty tempted to pledge one for myself…

Thanks again for your support to help me raise the funds for this record!

by bryyn