[chicago] new nice sounding mix of a song originally written and recorded on 01.18.08 in akron ohio. download the track or complete pink noise album [here].

this song was made with the recording set-up shown in the photo below shortly after i moved from chicago to akron. i used my moog keyboard for bass and a small gourd shaker for the click sounds along with an appalacian mountain dulcimer for the twangy instrumental interludes. my $150/month room was on the upper floor of a yellow house across the big cuyahoga valley from the university of akron. the room had one small window hidden entirely if the door was open. i had to close the door to let the sun in. the pink-orange plaid couch came free with the room and was a pretty nice bed for a while!

akron is a really pungent place with its empty tire factories, foreclosed houses, and segregated neighborhoods.  a place where the american dream was outsourced, but still waiting to come alive again.  i think a lot more songs are waiting to come out of there.

by bryyn

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