cross your heart

this is a collaboration song with andy from uniform motion (france) and rachelle (the mysterious). i originally met andy through our common netlabel aaahh records. the idea for this song started about three years ago when i first arrived in switzerland. i recorded all the music in a 25 m2 apartment, but got stuck on words.

at first i wanted it to be called king of correlations…about being psychosomatic. something i can relate to. but it was one of those songs that didn’t want to get finished. i wasn’t sure why until andy picked it up and added these great vocals…and then last night rachelle added some (immaculate) voice too. so there it is.

if you have a chance, please check out uniform motion live or buy something on their website. for their live show an artist actually sketches stories on a projector while the band performs! they are on a european tour right now, and you can see them probably somewhere close.

andy and i still haven’t met in person. actually, i dont even know what he looks like. someday i have a feeling we might meet…and maybe play this song.

by bryyn

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