a flor de piel un deseo

here’s a video montage of, [a flor de piel un deseo], a song collaboration with chicago poet/musician/activist luis rodriguez. i met luis around summer 2006 in pilsen chicago probably at cafe mestizo for open mic night. luis was really friendly and we struck up a collaboration right away. he would come to my apartment after work and cook some dinner and then we would work on a song and usually record it that night. luis typically had some words and chords worked out on the piano and we would then craft it up and add some ideas without overworking too much.

we ended up making an ep called [llave]. most of these songs were recorded during the summer, which meant it was intense hot in my loft apartment sans ac. it was a great honor for me to work with such a kind and creative person and i hope we make some more songs sometime…soon?

you can download the voice + music and instrumental version of “a flor de piel un deseo” on the [llave] album page.

by bryyn

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